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Guaranty Bank and Trust Building, located on the corner of Third and Murray Streets, was for many years the tallest
   building in Alexandria. It originally was the First National Bank. In 1911 Joseph A. Bentley was elected president and by
   1918 plans were being formulated to construct a new ten-story building. Ground-breaking for the new $750,000 building
   was held on February 28,1919. The architect was Emile Weil and T. S Moudy and Company, Chattanooga. Tennessee
   was the contractor.
    By 1921 stockholders voted to change from a national bank charter to a state bank charter and a new name, Guaranty
   Bank and Trust Company, was the new name selected. For many years the Guaranty Bank continued to be a major
   financial institution, but was sold to Hibernia Bank who occupied the first floor and later Capitol One Bank. The banking
   area is now vacant, but the upper floors remain rented office space.

                                                                            From left to right are Sentry Drug, the former Guaranty
                                                                              Bank building, Diamond Grill, originally the Rapides
                                                                                 Opera House and Gus Caplan’s.
                                                                                     Architectural drawing by Keith LaCour

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