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According to the scientific community, bodies and brains are    WHAT IS YOUR SCORE?
designed to last about 90 years and possibly longer. Take
the following quiz developed by longevity experts to find out         MEN        WOMEN
what your life expectancy is.                                           86            89

For a more detailed analysis go to         Stress _____  Stress _____
The Life Expectancy Calculator will consider other important          -5/+5         -5/+5
and surprising determinants of longevity. They offer a
personalized report that provides you with specific steps to    Genes _____ Genes _____
take to increase your longevity.                                Yes+10/ No 0 Yes+10/ No 0

Women start with 89 years and men with 86 years.                Tobacco ____ Tobacco ____
                                                                Yes -15/ No 0 Yes-15/ No 0
STRESS: If you tend to dwell on problems or internalize stress
subtract five years. If you can handle stress add five years.   Exercise ____ Exercise ____
                                                                  No -5/Yes 0 No -5/Yes 0
GENES: If you have at least one family member who lived to
be 90 add 10 years. If not, don’t add or subtract anything.     Brain _____ Brain _____
                                                                Yes +5 /No 0 Yes +5 /No 0
TOBACCO: If you smoke subtract 15 years, if not don’t add or
subtract anything.                                              Weight _____  Weight _____
                                                                  41+ inches    36+ inches
EXERCISE: Do you exercise at least 30 minutes a day, four        Yes -5/No 0   Yes -5/No 0
days a week? If yes, don’t add or subtract anything. If no,
subtract five.                                                       Score         Score
                                                                  _________   ___________
BRAIN: Do you regularly exercise your brain with cognitively
challenging tasks such as crossword puzzles? If yes, add five
years, if no don’t add or subtract anything.

WEIGHT: Are you overweight? Overweight is classified as
having a waist greater than 41 inches for men and 36 inches
for women. If yes, subtract five and if not don’t add or
subtract anything.

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