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                                                                                                by Bettye DeKeyzer

                                                                       the problem the engine turns on immediately and purrs like a
                                                                       demented cat.

                                                                       Remember when the washing machine refused to wash? Is it ever

                                                                       on a day at a time you can easily contact a repair man? No, it is
                                                                       always on Sunday night after 7pm when the pile of laundry is the

                                                                       size of Mount Rushmore. The load of clothes and the water has to
                                                                       remain in the washer until Monday morning when the repair man
                                                                       arrives at 8am. He turns the dial and it instantly begins to swish

                                                                       and swirl happily and he cannot find one thing wrong with it.

                                                                       Washers have absolutely no appreciation for their owns who limit

                                                                       always keep the load of clothes light? Rarely medium and heavy
                                                                       never? All that softening of water to protect their inner parts – and

                                                                       for what? Just so they can quit when you need them the most.
                                                                       Driers are no better – they are devoid of any sense of loyalty to the
                                                                       person who has given them a good home for years.

                                                                       And what about television sets? The picture is beautiful and
                                                                       sound perfect until five minutes before the program you have been

                                                                       waiting to see for months is about to come on and the television
                                                                       clicks and is dead. I don’t care what anyone says, I know it
                                                                       watches the program on its side of the screen but out of pure spite

                                                                       won’t put the program on the screen so I can see it, too.

I have had enough of mechanical things. No one can convince me It is futile to attempt to set it to program a movie during the day or

they don’t have a brain somewhere in their inner workings and night no matter how carefully one follows the instructions. It will

they have one objective – to drive human beings insane.                record at a given time, but out of mean spiritedness it records the

                                                                       wrong program on the wrong station. Or records a program on the

I realized recently that it is ridiculous to permit a machine to be right station at the wrong time.

anything but the servant they were created to be. So I formulated

a policy and procedure for dealing with them. When they break                                         Continued on page 7

down, stop working, or just refuse to do their job they will be

eliminated. I know that sounds harsh, but I have warned each                             RAPIDES NEWS
mechanical object in my house that any further rebellion on their
part will meet with instant reprisal. At the first sign of revolt out    A publication by Rapides Council On Aging.
                                                                           204 Chester Street, Alexandria, LA 71301.
they go. A new and improved model will take their place. I mean it.
                                                                       Executive Director and Editor, Bettye DeKeyzer
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The American public has been at the mercy of machines ever             The editorial content and views expressed in the Rapides
since the automobile was invented.
                                                                          News Magazine does not constitute endorsement by
                                                                       Rapides Council On Aging, Inc.

Think about it. When does a car stop and refuse to budge? Only         Cover Image: Hummingbird vine blossoms, photo
when you are miles from home and it is raining. You finally get a                             Suzanne D. James

tow truck and when the driver sits behind the wheel to see what is

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