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Even as a protectorate the Moon would be eligible for all sorts of     But, best of all, is that activity so dear to the hearts of all in Con-
federal aid. With no infrastructure Congress could have a field        gress – The Junket. Grand and glorious junkets could be orga-

day outdoing each other on the splendiferous Moon projects for         nized to send Congress to the
everything under the sun – or in this case under the Moon. We          Moon – with all the people who

would have something new and exciting to talk about.                   hate America.

Piles of money could be made by selling Moon acres to                  All one-way trips!

corporations to establish branches on the Moon - enough
balance the national budget 1,000 times over. It would be fitting
somehow. We’ve been saying for years the national debt was


And not to forget the real state possibilities for the ordinary citi-
zen- enough to boggle the mind. “Tired of the same old neigh-
borhood? Go to the Moon and live among the stars!” Actually

when it comes to the Moon, the sky’s the limit.


Elderly clients who receive Homebound Meals from Rapides Council
On Aging Monday – Friday continue to have weekend meals provided
by HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Alexandria.

In 2012 the Council and HealthSouth developed a program to provide
needed weekend meals to Homebound Meal clients. The bagged
meals contain canned and packaged articles for clients on every route.
All clients on the nine Homebound Meal Program routes receive
weekend meals on a scheduled basis.

“HealthSouth Rehab of Alexandria is working to expand community
awareness and want to give back to those in need. For the past 20
years, HealthSouth has been providing state of the art physical,
occupational and speech rehab. In our small community we want to
give more because it is not just about rehab. It’s about well-being,”
said Nicole Scales, marketing liaison. “We are happy to have
partnered with Rapides Council On Aging since 2012 to help
homebound members of the community receive the food they need.”

                                                                                  Nicole Scales, Marketing Liaison, HealthSouth, with 33 bags of
                                                                       weekend meals for Rapides Council On Aging Homebound Meal clients.

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