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By Jamie L. Floyd

The word that was researched the most in 2015 was “ism” - not really a word, but a suffix.

Something to add at the end of a word to describe a movement, religion or action. The popularity of “ism” was due largely to Bernie
Sanders, a Socialist, who frequently discussed Social-ISM and all that is planned to change America during his campaign and the

                                        spread of terror-ISM by ISIS.

                                        The Greatest Generation included those who fought to keep America free in World War II.
                                        They fought Russia’s CommunISM, Germany’s NazISM, Italy’s FascISM, and Japan’s
                                        ImperialISM. They fought to insure we could still have our PatriotISM.

                                        That Generation is passing off the stage very rapidly since most of those are in their late 80s
                                        and 90s. I lost my great-uncle Wordy Ray Paul last year and my great uncle Ellis Paul last
                                        month. He would have been 95 in December. They were two of the finest men you could have
                                        ever met. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

                                        They both served in the Army. Uncle Ellis told me he was in England for two years. One day
                                        his Captain told him, “Paul, I have some bad news for you.” Ellis thought someone back home
                                        had passed away. The Captain laughed and said, “You get your furlough!”

Wordy Ray

Ellis was excited to get to go home and visit. Shortly after
getting home Ellis received a letter from a comrade with the bad

news that most of his platoon had been killed. They had
received orders to cross the Rhine River, Germany’s boundary
line and the German’s had put up fierce resistance.

They knew it was their last stand. Ellis’ Captain was shot in the  Ellis Paul is on the right, two comrades center and left.
stomach and suffered great pain before he died.

Ellis was spared by the Grace of God and lived a long life.

The next generation will be the generation that stood up for Jesus and did not become a member of the Anti-Christ’s world
movement that is prophesied in the Bible. That will be the greatest of all generations. Those who will stand against the final “ISM” -

It wasn’t God’s plan to build the Tower Of Babel in the beginning and it’s not his plan in the end. He will destroy all the works of
Satan with the brightness of his return.

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