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In My Opinion

                                                       Fly me to the moon - Let me play among the stars!

                                                                        emergency rooms. I don’t mean werewolves and vampires either.

                                                                        We all know the Moon has a strange effects on them. I am talking
                                                                        about how it affects ordinary people - some more than others.

                                                                        It makes perfect sense to me that the Moon should be a base for

                                                                        something. In science fiction, the Moon is always the site for

                                                                        strange settlements and experimental laboratories. I believe the

                                                                        dark side of the Moon is an ideal location for military operations.

                                                                        No one could see exactly what was going on. And if they did, what

I have not been satisfied with the lack of attention our Presidents could they do about it? The time has come to to make it the next

have been paying to the Moon. Why haven’t we built things and state or better yet, a conquered territory.

leased property on the Moon? While we just sit here and look at it,

the Russians will colonize it and then where will we be?                Look, we got there first, and planted a flag so we win. It could be

                                                                        the best thing that ever happened to the Moon. Just take a look at

What, if anything, has happened since that “small step for man, a Germany and Japan. They never had it so good until America de-

giant leap for mankind” thrilling moment? Was that It? Was the trip feated them and won World War II. America traditionally rehabili-

more exciting than the arrival? The terrain so disappointing that all tates all the countries we conquer. Whether they like it or not. We

they wanted to do was gather up some rocks, stir up some dust, like to. It makes us feel wonderful. We pick them up, dust them

hop into the rocket and come home?                                      off, cram money in their pockets, pat them on the head and smile at

                                                                        them like fond parents. In appreciation they hate us, stab us in the

What happened to those rocks, anyway? Weren’t we supposed back and try to beat the stuffing out of us in the economic sector.

learn all about space and exactly how old the universe really is? I

thought we were going to find out the answer to the meaning of it The Moon as conquered territory would open up a whole new ave-

all from those specimens. Is what they discovered so shattering we nue of spending for Congress. Boundless appropriations for enti-

would go stark-staring mad to learn it or were they just a few ugly tlements and affirmative action could be voted on left and right.

rocks with nothing exciting to reveal?                                  Just think of all the splendid things congress could do for the Moon.

                                                                        Public works of every description. Highway construction zigzag-

But more importantly, scientists and explorers should be making ging all over the face of the Man in the Moon. Bridges over craters.

trips to the Moon armed with all sorts of electronic paraphernalia to The opportunities are limitless.

chart the Moon and find out once and for all if it is really made of

cheese or granite. They should find all those diamond and gold

mines that have been found in all the Moon movies. We could

certainly use the money to pay off the national debt.

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Consider this: there could be diamonds the size of bricks on the

Moon. Who knows what gigantic gold deposits are under all that                            RAPIDES NEWS

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even in knowing the worse.
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