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                                                       by Bettye DeKeyzer

I talk frequently with my daughters about how radically life has

changed over the past 25 years. As a child, my mother and all her
friends, devoted their time to family and friends. Mama was
unique because she celebrated a holiday and at least one family

birthday every month. The entertainment at these functions always
included someone singing, playing the violin or piano. Mama, who

had a beautiful voice, was delighted when anyone would offer to
perform. It was always a surprise whether we would be treated to
or suffer from the musical evening.

Mama was easily shocked when I was a child and would find
today’s mores and folkways unbelievable. My mother, who was

always right, refused to accept behavior, dress, opinion or taste
that did not conform to those established as being superior long


I admired a cousin, a successful novelist, when I was in high        “Life in a Small Southern Town”
school. She was, in Mama’s opinion, woefully inept where it really
mattered - home and family. While my mother grudgingly gave her

credit for winning literary awards and having several of her books
made into movies, Mama definitely disapproved of her drawing on
family events and colorful relatives to spice up her wildly popular


“I am shocked that she would write about such private matters. If    As for world affairs, Mama never forgave Japan for bombing Pearl
her mother were alive she would just die,” Mana said. The novels     Harbor. Germany, she believed, brought everything on itself for
Mama found so objectionable focused on life in a small southern      listening to someone who was obviously a maniac. “All anyone
town filled with rascals who were eccentric, charming, intelligent   had to do was look at the idiotic way Hitler wore his hair to know
and witty. All of whom we could identify easily because many         he was insane.” Despite her faulty logic, Mama was right about
were our cousins.                                                    Hitler.

I am stunned to discover that after 35 years I agree with Mama       Continued on page 7
about keeping family problems private. After being bombarded
day after day on every newscast with the horrifying reality of the                                RAPIDES NEWS
life some people endure,
                                                                                  A publication by Rapides Council On Aging.
Mama always said, “The only way a secret can be known is for a                      204 Chester Street, Alexandria, LA 71301.
family member to reveal it.” I can understand why Mama refused
to allow everything and everyone unpleasant to enter her life.                  Executive Director and Editor, Bettye DeKeyzer
Mama would be so proud to hear me say that.                                      For advertising information call: 318-455-7985
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