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                                                            Rapides Parish Libraries are places where people can
                                                            come to know themselves and their communities. New
                                                            moms bond positively with others at baby story-times;
                                                            elderly people attend events and make new friends at
                                                            special programs; teenagers meet up in “Maker Spaces”
                                                            after school, and customers of all ages attend events on a
                                                            wide variety of topics. Meaningful connections are

                                                            happening all the time at your neighborhood library.

                                                            Rapides Parish Libraries provide information,

                                                            resources, and support for customers with disabilities.

                                                            Diversity is not just about different cultures; the Rapides

                                                            Parish Library provides services for customers with
                                                            disabilities. We offer a variety of tools and services, from

                                                            software and equipment to special collections and

                                                                   homebound programs, all provided by the Bookmobile and
On November 8th, the Rapides Parish Library celebrated Outreach Services.
75 years of service to the communities of Rapides Parish.
From its beginnings as a part of the Louisiana State Library Rapides Parish Libraries provide opportunities for free
Commission to its current position in the parish with the classes that encourage art appreciation and art
Main Reference Library, five urban branches, four rural participation. Children and adults participate in library arts
branches, and a bookmobile the Rapides Parish Library programs that range from the simple crafts to the
system stands prominently in the community. The Rapides exploration of fine art and literature. There are creative
                                                            writing workshops and painting classes that offer a wealth
Parish Library is more than books, computers, and
programs - it helps build good citizens who in turn support of opportunities to explore.

the library and our efforts to fulfill our mission:         Rapides Parish Libraries provide access to the arts and

“To promote lifelong learning, enhanced quality of life, sciences for all, not just those who can afford them.
and literacy through print, audiovisual and electronic Events are offered free of charge, inviting people of all
resources. To ensure that all citizens receive the maxi- income levels to attend. Library book groups offer a way
mum value from available informational, educational, for people to explore the sciences and discuss the literary
                                                            arts and introduce at-risk youth to literature. And it is all
cultural and recreational resources”.
                                                                   free and open to the public!
Having a library in a neighborhood or located in a business
district, attracts people to that area, creating financial  Rapides Parish Libraries serve as the “community
                                                            university.” When the price tag for a higher education
opportunities for businesses and organizations in the
                                                            becomes more expensive, the neighborhood library is there
surrounding area. The Rapides Parish Library is a
                                                            to provide free information and educational opportunities
community partner supporting local entrepreneurs and
artisans, and partnering with local businesses and          for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status.

individuals to create a rich culture of sharing and an

exchanging of ideas in a safe and inclusive environment.

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