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Dear Bettye: I know you will Write your own obituary now and file it with the funeral
                             find this ridiculous but my home you will use. Tell relatives and friends the obituary

                             youngest sister has been has been written and where copies can be located.

                             dating my oldest sister’s            Except for movie stars and other celebrities, former

                             ex-husband who was                   spouses are not included in death notices.
                             unfaithful and a worthless

                             liar. The whole family is            Dear Bettye: My husband died almost a year ago and his

                             upset about it. She can’t see brother has helped me in the house and yard. He drops by

                             any reason why she can’t almost every day, but recently he said he had been jealous of
                             date him. What can we do? his brother because he was in love with me. He also asked

                                                                  me not to tell his wife how often he visited me. Can a

She apparently does not care about hurting her sister and relationship be possible between us?

upsetting her entire family. It is obvious to me that he is
using her to retaliate against her sister for divorcing him. I No. You are a lonely woman, and he is a rat. Don’t get

would be worried why she is acting in a hurtful way to her caught in his rat trap.

sister. Tell her what the consequences are if she

continues the relationship.                                       Dear Bettye: Don’t you think it is silly for women to be formally
                                                                  introduced by friends to men before they can date him? If

Dear Bettye: Should a man divorced and remarried be buried decide if a man is someone I want to date, I always judge men

next to his former wife as his children want or in a new plot by their manners.

designated for him and his s current wife?                        Many unfortunate women felt the same way when they

I can’t help but think it would be wrong to force a man encountered Ted Bundy. Everyone has said he was

who has taken legal action to avoid spending the rest of extremely polite. Until he killed them.

his life with someone to have to rest next to her for all
eternity. It really doesn’t matter what his children think, Dear Bettye: Why is it that some uneducated, impolite and

his widow can and will do as he wishes.                           horrible people are so successful? Why does it never happen

                                                                  to people who are far more deserving?

Dear Bettye: I am thinking of marrying a man who has been
married before. My friends say he is not the one for me. How I have thought about that question for years. It must be

can I be certain about him?                                       karma, good luck or fate. How else can we bear the good

                                                                  fortune of those we detest?

If you were completely certain about him you would not
ask what anyone thinks, including me. But, if possible

have lunch with his two former wives and then make your

own decision.

Dear Bettye: My husband left me for an older woman who is

not attractive at all. No one can understand it. Can you explain


It’s difficult for me to answer your question without know-       Continued on page 9

ing the extent of her financial portfolio and her bank ac-

count balances.                                                   Send your comments and

Dear Bettye: I want no mention of my former husband in my                             questions to:
obituary since he has accumulated three more wives since we            

were divorced. How can that be done?

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