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                                                                                         by Bettye DeKeyzer

                                                              important element out of their investigation.
                                                              Dreams, until now, were regarded as unexplained
                                                              phenomenon usually pleasant and occasionally frightening.
                                                              The new study says dreams happen because the
                                                              unconscious brain is attempting to communicate with its
                                                              owner. I have been made to feel outrageously remiss, and
                                                              possibly unforgivably rude by not realizing that my
                                                              unconscious brain has been struggling to tell me things all
                                                              these years. I just thought, I had interesting and very often
                                                              entertaining dreams while all the time my brain wanted to
                                                              advise, warn and inform - not just chat for about eight hours
                                                              every night.

 A Dreamcatcher snares bad dreams and allows pleasant         The unconscious brain uses imagery to communicate. It
                           dreams to pass freely              throws up pictures on your mental screen that are not to be
                                                              taken for what they are, but for what they represent. What? I
I am appalled to learn that dreams are not what I thought     wonder why it doesn’t speak. Everything would be
they were. New research has revealed information about        enormously simplified.
dreams and I – for one -find it all totally unacceptable.
Mainly because my dreams are lumped together with all         Colors, rooms in the house, stores and every conceivable
manner of people by subject content. People I don’t even      article know by man has been given new meanings and im-
know.                                                         port by the new dream research. Precognitive dreams are
                                                              not given much credence regardless of the fact that many
                                                              people have dreamed things that do happen. Sometimes not
                                                              for years and in other instances immediately. This is
                                                              incontrovertible proof, that scientists don’t know everything.

The whole concept of dreams has been changed forever. As Continued on page 7
a child, every morning at breakfast we were entertained by

dreams everyone had the night before. My mother, who was                        RAPIDES NEWS
                                                                A publication by Rapides Council On Aging.
always right, said one should never tell one’s dreams before
breakfast because then they would not come true. Mama,            204 Chester Street, Alexandria, LA 71301.
you see, only had beautiful and heavenly dreams.              Executive Director and Editor, Bettye DeKeyzer
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She was also of the opinion, as Scrooge, that bad dreams         News Magazine does not constitute endorsement by
                                                              Rapides Council On Aging, Inc.
were nothing more than a physical reaction to eating too
much of something or something one shouldn’t have eaten in
the first place. The new researchers unaccountably left this  Cover Image: Male Tawny Emperor Butterfly, photo
                                                                                    by Suzanne D. James

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