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Architectural Drawing by Keith LaCour

Sarah Hynson Ringgold was the eldest daughter of the second
family to own Kent Plantation. She inherited the Plantation after
her brother died, and after her husband die she decided to sell the
property since it was a monumental task to maintain it alone. She
built a “modern” house 1907 on Florence Avenue.

The home was designed to her specifications and many features        The entrance way of the
are atypical of a Victorian homes, but more akin to a plantation     house extends to the
house. The large middle hall is wide enough for large gatherings     back of the house and
and provides superior ventilation with cross-breezes. The home       was the scene of festive
also had a turret characteristic of Queen Anne structures that was
demolished in the 1960s by strong winds.                             parties and balls.

The house is located at 96 Florence Avenue and has been
restored to its original glory.

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