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Dear Bettye: The man I am dating just stops talking to me when
                                                                     he gets angry and sometimes he won’t talk for days. What
                                                                     should I do?

                                                                     Date somebody else.

                                                                     Dear Bettye: One of my friends is wonderful except for her non-

                                                                     stop talking. She doesn’t have conversations, she just never
                                                                     stops talking about things that are of no interest to others. I get a
                                                                     headache after a few minutes of her incessant blathering. I am

                                                                     not the only one who finds her to be annoying. What can we do?

                                                                     Your friend talks more than you can listen and your brain is

Dear Bettye: Why can’t Thanksgiving dinner be a family affair? sending signals that it finds her constant, dull, nonsensical
My mother-in-law invites tons of people who should stay home blabbing a problem. It is futile to tell her people are
and have their own family dinners. She expects her sons and complaining that she dominates the conversations because
their wives to do all the preparation for the dinner. We, the wives, she will never believe it. Your brain has been telling you
are worn our preparing and serving dinner to such a crowd. How what to do. Avoid her.

can we get out of doing it?                                          Dear Bettye: I am glad someone wrote to you about the crazy

Thanksgiving is a family affair but people love to be invited        supervisor in our office who yelled, stomped and pushed people
so they can avoid all the work being a guest somewhere. As           out of his way when he stormed out of the office. When he made

for you not going, say you want to have a quiet dinner at            an older lady fall out of her chair, we realized something had to
home. However, be prepared, your mother-in-law won’t like            be done so we had him arrested. The manager handled things

it.                                                                  and he was fired.

Dear Bettye: I don’t think we can face another Thanksgiving Thank you for letting me know the people in your office had
                                                                     the courage to end the supervisor’s violent behavior.
dinner if my brother-in-law is there. He never likes anything,
criticizes each dish and the entire dinner yet he eats ten times as However, the email was not from your office, nor was it from
                                                                     the other 14 people who sent emails describing similar
much as anyone else. Help!
                                                                     problems. It is unbelievable that such things occur in what
Every family has a relative like your brother-in-law and
                                                                     should be a professional atmosphere.
everyone puts up with the rudeness. Talk to the other family
                                                                     Dear Bettye: We constantly receive invitations to dinner and
members and see what they want to do. They will be
reluctant to say anything because it will mean your sister events that are given for politicians. Now can we get out of
can’t be with you at Thanksgiving. She must have a terrible going?

life with him so try to live through Thanksgiving Day and be         An invitation is not a summons. All you must do is reply
thankful you don’t have to face him every day.                       promptly, say you regret you are unable to accept their invi-

                                                                     tation. Do not explain why.

Dear Bettye: Life has changed so much these days I wonder
what is the rule for dating an enemy’s ex-boyfriend? I know it will

look like I am using him to get back at her.

There are no rules I know of that govern the time that must

elapse between dating one person and another. But be
certain who is doing the using.

Dear Bettye: How can anyone tell if an empty small silver dish is    Send your comments and
a candy dish or an ash tray?                                                 questions to:

If it is empty it is probably a family heirloom. Few people  
smoke inside a house these days so never use anything as
an ash tray without asking the hostess. If the dish belongs
to you, it can be anything you say it is.

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