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By Jamie Floyd                                                           Continued from page 1

                                                                         President Roosevelt shocked the nation when he served hot dogs

I was a Trump supporter and voted for him, but I was not certain he and Cokes to the King and Queen of England. When Roosevelt
would win. He proved again if the people are with you nothing else served the King a martini, he remarked that only since Prohibition
                                                                         ended could cocktails be served in the White House, but his mother
                                                                         still did not approve of them at all. The King said, “Neither does my
I remembered the story I heard years ago about Rev. Lumpkin who mother”.
was the superintendent of the Arkansas District for the Pentecostals
of Arkansas. They held a Camp Meeting each year and politicians One can only imagine the conversation between Obama and Trump
                                                                         when they meet. Obama is eager to turn over all the Presidential
from all over the state would come to visit just as they do at the
                                                                         headaches, but really hates the thought of losing all benefits of living
Camp Meetings in Louisiana.
                                                                         in the White House and travelling in Air force One. Who could
Bill Clinton was Attorney General in Arkansas and ran for Governor blame him? He lived rent free for eight years and drank free beer he
and won. He was running for re-election for Governor and Rev. made in the basement.
Lumpkin professed to Bill that he would win the Governor’s race
again and then he would be President of the United States. Later Maybe Trump can suggest some job opportunities. I know he would
                                                                         love to tell him where to go. The Obamas will be polite to the
on he would bring about the end of the world.
                                                                         Trumps. No matter how happy the Trumps are to move in, it doesn’t
The chances of Bill Clinton being President was slim but a man
                                                                         hold a candle to how eager the Obamas are to move out.
named Ross Perot jumped into the race, siphoned off enough voters

for Clinton to win and two of Rev. Lumpkin’s prophesies have come                               TRUMP:

to pass.

The final prediction about Bill bringing on the end to the world is yet        We’re moving on up to the White House
to be fulfilled. However, Hillary’s loss has meant the end of the world  I’ll make America great again in the next few weeks.
to her.
                                                                               I thank all the wonderful American voters
                                                                              And above all, I thank God for WikiLeaks.

We will watch with bated breath to see if this last prophesy unfolds.                           OBAMA

                                                                          We’re movin’ on back to Chicago

                                                                          I’m glad to smile and wave goodbye
                                                                          Trump’s glad he’s the President

                                                                          Let me tell you, bro’, so am I!

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