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In My Opinion

                           It’s Historical! It’s Epic! It’s Bigly!
                                        So What Just Happened?

The 2016 Presidential election will go down In history as a political Many supercilious guests have in a snide way said Trump’s

phenomenon because it happens only once in a lifetime. The poll billionaire baroque style is overly formal inferring that tuxedos and

takers, pundits and politicians are stunned because they failed to ball gowns will be appropriate dress for daily living and for White

study American history. Americans are like a gentle giant. They House entertaining the style will be just too rococo for words.

only want peace and prosperity. They will tolerate jabs and pokes Contrary to popular belief, no presidential couple in recent memory

from public officials and betrayal by public servants they elected - has given an improper state dinner. While it is true that

for a while. Then a small event occurs that awakens the gentle unexpected things have occurred, all major details are handled by

giant and suddenly his unbelievable power is used against them a professional staff responsible for insuring that all events will

and they are stunned. Politician fail to remember American history glitter and gleam.

and the first time this awesome power was used. Taxes on tea
became exorbitant sop Americans dumped tons of tea into the State functions have always followed a set routine and the same
ocean and a new republic was born. The phenomenon is repeated people who planned, cooked, served and herded guests for
over and over again and for the same reason: The power of the Obama will do the same things for President Trump. The only
                                                                          change in recent years was during the Kennedy years when dinner
                                                                          was cut back to four or five courses from the traditional seven.

Several factors account for Trump winning the Presidential                And, guests were seated at small round tables where they could

election. People were not saying they were voting for until they be mixed without violating protocol.

were certain they had a leader in Trump. Democratic voters                Speaking of Kennedy, President Eisenhower called him Little Boy
stayed home in droves. No one understood what the people were             Blue and considered him a mental light weight who didn’t have the
                                                                          proper reverence for the presidency. I hope Eisenhower wasn’t
feeling and had the pulse of the people except Donald Trump.

If politicians had gone to a few town hall meetings held across too shocked about the round tables.

America, they would have learned how deep the resentment of the
American people is about the current state of our nation and those Presidents, as all Americans, have differing ideas of how they
                                                                          should behave while holding that office. For instance, George
who are responsible.
                                                                          Washington adopted a regal manner and never touched guests

Political campaigns are difficult for a candidate, but almost             even to shake hands. He merely bowed to them. No guests ever

impossible for voters to endure. Mercifully, they are over and            entered his private quarters. No matter how informal any

won’t be back until 2020.                                                 President or members of his family are, they can’t top Abigail

                                                                           Adams, wife of President Adams, who hung her wash out to dry in
Desperate for a new approach, now all the news programs and the Audience Room.
talk shows have turned their sights on the new president before he

has even taken office to interview his friends, enemies, family and Continued on page 3

everyone he ever knew. Headlines stories are written about what

he likes to eat and the international implications of eating fried                        RAPIDES NEWS
foods. It has been refreshing to know that Trump likes Tacos and
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News programs feature endless streams of bureaucrats who                  The editorial content and views expressed in the Rapides
reveal what the new presidential style will be. Many so-called
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experts are pained to say that it will differ, they fear, radically from                    Rapides Council On Aging, Inc.

the Obama era. Of course it will. Just as the Obama era was a             Cover Image: In November, cooler temps bring out the
radical change from the Bush era.                                                 rich and vibrant colors in Louisiana forests.

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