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Dear Bettye: What can be Dear Bettye: My friend is unhappy in her marriage and now she’s
                      done about a gum smacker seeing another man. Without telling me she told her husband she

                      when she is the boss? She was with me when she was with the other man. How can I make
                      cracks and smacks until we are certain she won’t involve me again?
                      going crazy.
                                                                     She is not your friend. You should not have been placed in
                      It is rude to smack gum                        what could be a very serious legal matter. Tell her to never do it

                      whether you are the boss or again because you will not lie to her husband.
                      not. Send an anonymous
                      complaint to the owner                         Dear Bettye: I am known as a person who loves to poke fun at oth-
                      about the problem. If                          er people. It sounds bad but it’s fun to be funny. Am I wrong?

anyone asks you if you sent the letter say, “I do not approve of     Absolutely. You may be surprised to learn exactly what you
sending anonymous letters”. Neither do I, but some problems          are known as. Those people who laugh with you at others –
                                                                     have you ever wondered what if they are laughing about you?
have to be solved that way.

Dear Bettye: I have been told that when a man invites a woman out    Dear Bettye: A man I used to date lives in another state and every
for dinner, he wants her to really eat. Is that true?                few months when he has too much to drink he calls me and wants to

Nothing is worse than having dinner with someone who counts renew our relationship. Is he telling the truth or just drunk?
calories and fat grams and talks about it. If he has asked you
out to dinner it should be evident that he would like you to         What difference does it make? If he is drunk that’s the end of it
enjoy the evening and that includes dinner.                          as far as I am concerned. Why take him seriously? Just hang

Dear Bettye: What can be done about people who talk loudly in        Dear Bettye: A person always says when she is introduced to
theaters, libraries and even in church?                              someone, no matter what the last name is – “What kind of a name is
                                                                     that?” and laughs. It makes me furious. What can I say the next
In the theater report it to the manager; In a library report it to   time?
the librarian and in church after the service discuss the
problem with the minister. Don’t expect him to do anything           Say, “ I can understand why you are so interested in such
about it. He already knows who the talkers are because they          beautiful last names since your own is so terribly ordinary.”
talk during his sermon.

Dear Bettye: What is the best way to let someone know they are       Dear Bettye: What is the proper thing to say when you don’t want
mispronouncing a word? My friend always says someone has high        to look but have to look at a sonogram of a soon to be born
celestial for cholesterol.                                           grandchild?

The kindest way is to pronounce the word correctly and hope          I think Queen Elizabeth has the perfect response to absolutely
she will realize that she isn’t, but she may think you are. If that  every situation. She says, ”How very interesting”.
happens tell her to ask someone else and let you know.
                                                                     Dear Bettye: I was fired from my job after 40 years because the
Dear Bettye: Are coasters still correct or like napkin rings just    manager said I was too old to represent the company as a sales
another middle-class and outdated custom?                            agent. What can I say when I go for an interview for another job?

Coasters have always been and still are correctly used to            If you were fired because of your age then you need to go to a
protect furniture. Napkin rings have always been used by             lawyer not a job interview.

some and not by others. Class has nothing to do with it.             Continued on page 7

Dear Bettye: A woman keeps calling me for lunch or dinner and no
matter how often I refuse she keeps calling. What can I say?

Say, “My girlfriend and I were talking about your wonderful          Send your comments and
invitations last night and she said the two of us would love to              questions to:
come to dinner.” You will never hear from her again.

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