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Read You Like A Book: Comedy or Tragedy?

                                                                                           by Bettye DeKeyzer

It’s happened again – My mother, who was always right is right Heavy lids – I find you interesting. Thin lids – Get lost!

again. I remember her saying, “She isn’t to be trusted – her eyes
are too close together.” And she was serious. Or, “He is                A fellow with small eyes in a thin face is likely to be precise and
obviously smart – look at that high forehead.” And she meant it. exacting – don’t marry him but hire him as your tax consultant.
I learned recently an innovative approach to selecting a jury has Close eyes indicate an intolerant person. That’s better than being
been in use for several years. The experts are Jury Consultants termed sneaky as my mother said. A large nose is always on an
who use facial configuration and body movement to pick jurors authoritative person. Someone with a short nose is hard working

who will be best for their client.                                      but sadly insecure. If the nostrils are flared that’s good on any
                                                                        nose because it signifies generosity.
A face can be read like a map, they say, and there’s more to look
at than just the face. Experts on physiognomy, or face reading, say But beware the pinched nostrils – they are always on a stern
the whole head provides clues to the inner character.                   unrelenting person. Look at the noses on loan officers. See? What

My mother would have been a whiz at selecting jurors. She could         did I tell you?

classify people as acceptable or not within minutes and she was Now for the ears. Ears that stick out are found on a possessive
never wrong. I’m beginning to believe that Mama was years               person. I always thought ears that stuck out were merely
ahead of her time.                                                      unfortunate.

The experts confide that a great leader will have diagonal lines on As for lips – full upper lips are on talkative people and full lower
the right cheek. Diagonal lines on a forehead indicate great power lips are on generous people. Thin upper lips warn of a concise
of concentration. But can you trust them? The nose knows. And person and thin lower lips – watch out – indicates stinginess.
so does the mouth. In fact the whole head is a dead giveaway – if
you know how to read heads.                                             Receding chins mean a passive personality. One of Mama’s

Take a look at the forehead for instance. The angle of the              favorite observations was that a week chin meant weakness in
                                                                        general. She was right. She also said a jutting jaw denoted a
forehead can define a person’s intellect – whether it angles back person will stand their ground and if provoked will fight. Also right.
or not at all is of the greatest importance. The angle tells the world
what your mental capacity is or isn’t. Those of us who have high If you are searching for romance look for a person who has full lips

foreheads tell the world we are not just smart – we are brilliant! and a wide philtrum. Before you run for the dictionary – that is the
That’s what Mama said.                                                  name of the indentation between the nose and the lips.

A forehead that slopes back says a person makes quick decisions. Continued on page 7
Straight foreheads mean that person isn’t boring exactly, but not
stimulating either. A rounded forehead is always on a person who                          RAPIDES NEWS
enjoys domesticity. Women should become expert head readers. It           A publication by Rapides Council On Aging.
could be of the greatest value when looking or a husband.
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The eyes have it – if they are set wide apart. They are found on           News Magazine does not constitute endorsement by
people who are broadminded. (Wide heads – broad minded – get                              Rapides Council On Aging, Inc.

it?) If the eyebrows angle up you have a temper. Even the eyelid‘s      Cover Image: Pink Confection Double Ruffled Camellia
thickness is meaningful. It reveals at what level we allow intimacy.

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