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HISTORICAL SITES: Dairy Barn Louisiana State Hospital

  Architectural Drawing by Keith LaCour
  The Dairy Barn at Louisiana State Hospital overlooking Fort Buhlow Lake.
  Construction of the historic two-story structure began in 1923.
  Designed as a two-story frame structure with single story wings
  by Joseph H. Carlin, was built to accommodate 75 dairy cows.
  Dairy cattle grazed in pastures to the north of the barn, across
  U. S. Highway 165. The cows moved from the barn to the
  pastures via a tunnel under the highway. The Dairy Barn was
  added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.
  The removal of the original dairy equipment is the only alteration
  the building has received other than some structural remediation.

                                                                                             Photo: Initiative to Save the Dairy Barn, KLAX-TV, ABC 31
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