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 At the Rapides Parish Library!

                                               From maker spaces to engineering and 3D design classes now
                                               offered by libraries across Rapides Parish, the “do-it-yourself”
                                               theme shows how the library can provide meaningful
                                               contributions to the educational and social development of the
                                               teens in our community.

                                               Teen Tech Month is a way for librarians and educators to
                                               collaborate with and educate teens about technology. Over the
                                               last several years, the library has worked to increase digital
                                               literacy, which has become more and more important.

                                               Teens are encouraged to celebrate Teen Tech all month long.
                                               The Rapides Parish Library hopes to attract a wide variety of
                                               teenagers and increase teen technology literacy locally by
                                               offering a series of programs, including: fun tech scavenger
                                               hunts with prizes, video gaming sessions that involve teens and
                                               their families, 3D design classes, access to homework help,
                                               MakerSpace Creative Hours, and more!

                                               For more information on these and other programs at your
                                               neighborhood library, check online at:

                                               Click the ‘EVENTS’ tab and take a look at the calendar of
                                               events or view the Event Guide that is posted online every
                                               month and available at your neighborhood library!

Teen Tech Week is a national initiative of the Young Adult
Library Services Association (YALSA) aimed at teens, their
parents, educators and other concerned adults. The purpose of
the initiative is to ensure that teens are competent and ethical
users of technology, especially the types offered through
libraries. The Rapides Parish Library has expanded Teen Tech
Week to the entire month of March to have plenty of time to
encourage teens to take full advantage of all the technology at
their neighborhood libraries for education and recreation!

Getting teens into libraries is essential! We find that offering
gaming, access to computers and online homework help is an
important key to capturing a teen’s interest. Once they are in the
door, staff can show teens that with the technology available at
the library, anything is possible. It is key to show teens how the
library can help them discover how these resources can help
them and hopefully, keep them coming back for more!

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