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Dear Bettye: I have been Dear Bettye: I have been engaged twice to other men since my
                          dating man for several months husband died and neither of them compared favorably with my

                          and he is great fun to be with husband. Now I am seeing another man who wants to get married.
                          but I would never want to                      How can I know it will last?
                          marry him. Should I break it off
                          before he asks me to marry You have answered your own question – no man can compare
                          him? favorably with someone who is revered as perfect.

                                        Have you ever thought            Dear Bettye: I have been dating a man for almost a year and we
                                        perhaps He enjoys being          have a great time together. He is thoughtful and considerate. But he
                                        with you but would never         leaves all the calling to me. I don’t hear from him for weeks but
consider asking you to marry him?                                        when I call he seems glad to hear from me. What should I do?

Dear Bettye: I remember you gave the formula on how to convert Stop calling him. Men do not like to say they are not interested
grams of sugar into teaspoons. Would you please print it again? in a woman romantically – they prefer you would just go away.

Divide the grams of sugar by 4.2 to find the number of tea-              Dear Bettye: My husband is worrying about his hairline receding
spoons. Example: An eight ounce container of yogurt has 43.1 and asks me constantly if it makes him look old. What can I say?
grams or 10.3 teaspoons of sugar – 43.1 divided by 4.2 equals

10.26 or 10.3 teaspoons.                                                 Just tell him that women have been crazy about Yul Brenner for
                                                                         decades and he didn’t have any hair at all.
Dear Bettye: My husband and I have little in common. All he wants
to do is go out to dinner, go to a movie or have friends over to play Dear Bettye: Has the world gone crazy? Don’t television people
cards. He does chores around the house and likes to go grocery know how repulsive most of their programs are? What can a viewer

shopping, but that’s about it. What should I do?                         do to change things?

Thank your lucky stars!                                                  Yes, yes and turn to another station.

Dear Bettye: I don’t agree with your answer to a lady’s complaint        Dear Bettye: I know you always say personal questions have no
that she was invited to a lunch that turned out to be a fund raiser for  place in a professional setting but people ask me “When are you
a politician. She should have asked what who would be there              going to retire?” and “Do you really have to work?” and “Do you
before she accepted the invitation. Am I wrong?                          have enough investments to live on when you retire?”

Yes. My standard response to such questions is, “Are you taking a
                                                                         poll? My answers are to all questions are: It is not any of your

Dear Bettye: Since my sister’s husband died she has been dating a business.”
man we think is horrible. When he is at her house he goes around
in his undershirt and barefoot. Should we tell her how inappropriate Dear Bettye: At a party recently a man asked all the women, “If you
that is?                                                                 were going to die tomorrow what three things would you do tonight?”
                                                                         Everyone tried to be polite but no matter what anyone said he made

She knows. She is old enough to choose her own friends                   off-color remarks. I wondered at the time what you would have said.
whether they wear a shirt and shoes or not.
                                                                         I would have said, “Nothing that would involve you.”
Dear Bettye: A friend likes to go to houses that are open for sale.
She only goes to see how the owners live, what they have and
opens medicine cabinets and closets to see what’s inside. I think it

is rude and have refused to go with her again. What do you think?

I think you are wise to avoid her and not just when it comes to               Send your comments and
looking at houses. That kind of curiosity is dangerous and can                        questions to:
lead to arrests. Be certain to warn your realtor about her when
you sell your house.                                                  

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