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By Dr. Patsy Barber

“How could you research Hitler when tons have been printed
about him?” I asked Greg.

He replied: “I was a preacher’s kid, 16 years old and knew
nothing about Hitler and in high school we had to write a pa-

per, so I chose him as my subject. I still learning about him.”

Thus, the rest of this column details what Greg learned and
what a massive collection and archives he has amassed.
Interviewing him in this setting was a privilege and


“One thing I found out early on the year before Hitler went in,  Greg Gross with his map wall of European counties
there were over 30 different political parties striving for                        during World War II
power. He and his band of hooligans came into power during

all this strife. This was fascinating: how they started, how he  models. The first I built was of the Tirpitz, a capital ship
began to put people in place, monopolizing propaganda            assigned to northern Norway, a serious threat to the Allied
being spread and then there were the Storm Troopers the          Artic convoys to Murmansk, Russia.
Brown Shirts, rioting in the streets and all of this was

predominantly in defense of Russia. They saw all of this         Next was the LST of the United States, a German tank and
coming that did partially come about.                            submarine and Russia tank. An Allied bomber and several

Over the years, the U.S.                                         different planes hang from the ceiling to swing freely. Then
and their allies became                                          the USS Missouri, one of the newest battleships at the time
involved. Winston                                                and named in honor of being President Truman’s home. It
Churchill, outspoken                                             was the site of the

Prime Minister in the                                            Japanese signing a surrender. Japan’s Yamato was the
United Kingdom, was an                                           biggest ship ever built. Models have descriptive plaques to
avid communicator and                                            identify them. After I built the models, I bought some book
his wisdom was adhered                                           shelves and painted flags of all the countries on them. One
to. I loved learning about                                       book shelf contains books on all the leaders. Actually, after
him because he was a                                             the models and books I thought I should paint a map on the
character. There is so                                           wall. It includes the expansion of Germany down into Africa.
much to learn and the                                            In the Pacific, the expansion of Japan goes into South East
more I study I realize I                                         Asia, Pacific and China, etc. Each Pacific battle for islands
haven’t scratched the
surface.                                                         includes dates.

                                                                     Eleven months before Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, we
                                                                     knew war was going on elsewhere, and that is when
It is so important that children today learn our history. It is so President Roosevelt gave his speech on the four Freedoms:
important that we never FORGET. Kids today and genera- Freedom of Speech, of Worship, from Want and from Fear.
tions coming need to REMEMBER. An entire wall is cov-
ered with a world map complete with major battles identified. Continued on page 9
I started reading and built a library. Then I started making

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