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Architectural Drawing by Keith LaCour

   In 1909 Alexandria city officials decided to build a city hall on the block bounded by Second, Third, DeSoto and Murray Streets. The
   building that housed city offices since the late 1800s was owned by Jacob Irving who permitted the city to use the building for many
   Designed by noted Arkansas architect George Richard Mann who also designed the Bentley Hotel, the City Hall was built by the
   Southern Building Company of Louisville, Kentucky.
   With its four facades and central red dome it provided a powerful center to a green urban park. The building was constructed with
   cream bricks with stone trim. Four matching porticos featured four Ionic columns.
   A series of steps up to the second floor were provided on the Second and Third Street entrances. Ground level entrances existed
   on the DeSoto and Murray Street entrances. Four floors of office space were used for all city offices.

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