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Dear Bettye: A friend who Dear Bettye: A wonderful man asked me to go to a sports event

                      calls me often is constantly and because of a knee injury going up and down all those steep

                      interrupted by her                             steps would be torture. I don’t want him to think I am disabled, or not

                      grandchildren while we are interested in him. What can I do?

                      talking. She asks me to hold on
                      while she tells them who she is Tell him you have made plans for that evening, but you would
                      talking to and for how long. like to have him for dinner the next evening. In a few weeks
                      Should I just not take her calls when he knows you well then tell him about the knee injury and
                                                                     that you don’t enjoy sports events. By that time he will know
                      or what?
                                                                     how wonderful you are and it won’t matter.

                      Say, “Call me back when you

are free to talk” and then hang up. The children are rude to         Dear Bettye: My sister stays on the internet most of the time. I can

interrupt her and she is rude to allow it.                           understand how interesting it is but I think she is getting too involved

                                                                     with the people on Facebook. What can I say to her?

Dear Bettye: My husband says the tip should be figured on the total
bill and I say it should be based on the cost of the meal. Who is She may be lonely and the internet gives her the feeling of
                                                                     having friends. Try inviting her out to do things and meet real
                                                                     people. That’s preferable to spending hours with anonymous,

You are.                                                             faceless, typewritten words.

Dear Bettye: I met a wonderful man at a party and we enjoyed         Dear Bettye: Has the world gone crazy? Do television people know
being together all evening, but when he left he did not ask for my   how repulsive and vulgar most of their programs are? What can
telephone number. Why not?                                           people do to change things?

Probably because you were nicer than he thought you would            Yes, yes and turn to another channel. The moment no one
be and you thought he was nicer than we was.                         watches those programs and it’s reflected on a viewer report
                                                                     they will be gone.
Dear Bettye: My second cousin, a very attractive man, asked me
out. We did not known each other until he moved back home            Dear Bettye: My friend who is wealthy saves all the plastic bags
recently. He is very attentive and I am attracted to him. Is such a  her groceries or other purchases are put in. She says the bags are
relationship possible?                                               heavy and perfect for garbage and trash. She says her sacks have
                                                                     the name of the very expensive stores she favors so the
Let me explain about cousins. A first cousin is the child of an      neighborhood can know she buys only the best. What do you
aunt or uncle. Their child is a second cousin and their child is     think?
a third cousin and so on. A relationship between second
cousins has never been considered illegal or immoral. Years          I think she can use the bags any way she wants and that some
ago, cousins married all the time. Look at Queen Elizabeth ad        of the neighbors probably are impressed by the names on the
Price Phillip, they share a great-grandmother – Queen Victoria.      bags. As for me, I buy garbage and trash sacks, but if you want
As for me, I don’t have any cousin, first or otherwise, that I like  to impress your neighbors refer to them as “gar-bah-ge” and
that well.                                                           “trashé” sacques. How marvelously chic!

Dear Bettye: Your answer will end a raging argument in our office

about whether or not it is a pick-up if you exchange names and
telephone numbers with someone you meet in a grocery store.

It depends on what department you met. Somehow it is far             Send your comments and
more genteel to meet in the imported food section than in the                questions to:
meat market. It is important how much information he gave
you in the conversation and if it was established you have
mutual friends. The one factor of the greatest importance is
what he has in his cart. Wise women can tell a lot about a man

by what he buys. Unmarried men have a pile of frozen and
ready-to-eat food. Walk away if he has only milk, bread and
coffee. These are things his wife told him to get.

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