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By Dr. Patsy Barber

The Ark is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high. It is constructed of 3.3 million board feet of timber and is the largest
                                                   timber frame structure in the world.

THINK BIGGER! They did – it stands seven stories high. Located Among the aged but majestic buildings downtown, is the

in the country near Lexington, KY, it was the highlight of the      manufacturer of the Louisville Slugger. To a baseball player, that

eight-day trip in that state. Yes, there are many informational and has been the ultimate bat. Seeing a slim wedge of wood

historical things to visit other than Churchill Downs and Zachary transformed into a perfect bat is a pure miracle. Their production

Travel is expert on ferreting them out.                             is 3,000 bats a day. A history of famous baseball players reads

                                                                    like a “Who’s Who” using the Louisville Slugger.

Before arriving at this mammoth structure, we knew that we were

in an awesome weather front stretching from Chicago to New Or- The Creation Museum contains the six-day account of creation, as

leans. People on the bus were praying for safety as were many we read in the book of Genesis. Each day is an exhibit of what the

church groups. Once out of Jackson, MS, and speeding up I-55, designer believed Earth and animals were like.

we entered a half-mile of debris. A tornado has passed through

just a minute ahead of us.                                          Then Noah’s Ark! Here is this seven-story structure of wood

                                                                    literally rising up out of the landscape. It truly was NOT the size of

Paducah was our first stop and venture. Perhaps you, the reader, a houseboat on the river! “The incredible craftsmanship is itself an

can enlighten me: was there a musician or entertainer on the        exhibit and all three decks are full of art exhibits that will amaze

Grand Ole Opry called the Duke if Paducah? Women who love and inspire you to think differently about the biblical account of

quilts and sew well will find this a literal paradise. First, there is the Noah’s Ark”. That it took 14 years to complete is understandable.

National Quilt Museum which attracts thousands annually. The The finished wood is impeccable. Giant trees up to 52 inches in

show was held the week before and 60,000 attended. Specimen diameter, already dead, were cut from a forest in Oregon and

quilts were hanging everywhere, many from past “themes”. Flying became the superstructure through all three floors. Birds were

Geese is the current theme. Bow tie is the theme for 2018. Familiar nested in hundreds of small cages as if constructed of bamboo.

names in the past are Double Wedding Ring and Log Cabin.            Taped bird sounds floated through the area.

Second, women who sew and quilt will find Headquarters of

Hancock's a bonanza. Thousands of bolts of cloth fill the floor, Huge clay pots line the walls as water storage. Food was

specimen quilts hang from the ceiling by the hundreds and one simulated in woven bundles. Every deck contained cages for the

can purchase a bundle of cut pieces ample for a guilt.              thousands of animals. I chose not to go to the reptile area. Noah

                                                                    and his two sons had almost elegant living quarters on the third

Get away from sewing and go nearby to Louisville and Churchill floor, fitted in what would have been the furnishings of that time.

Downs. Gingerly we move through the throngs of people and enjoy

learning about the thrilling history. Today hence women with huge

hats would be drinking Mint Juleps and screaming their horse on to

the Roses.                                                          Continued on page 10

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