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poker with the boys?  Dear Bettye: Every year I Send a note several months before the first present would
                      give up something as a New be given or received that says, “I am sorry we will be
                      Year’s resolution. I no longer unable to exchange gifts any longer. I will be retiring in
                      smoke, drink, eat between June and moving out of the state. It has been a pleasure
                      meals and started exercising. to know you”. Your note will probably be a relief to them
                      Since I am almost perfect, as well.
                      could you give me something
                      to give up without giving up Dear Bettye: Why do some people say “vahz” when the word
                      my few remaining pleasures is “vayse”? It sounds so pretentious.
                      like taking a nap and playing According to my friend who is an antiques dealer, one

                                                        says “vahz” when the vase costs more than $100.

Since you have achieved a state of perfectness you
should resolve to do something in 2018 rather than not Dear Bettye: Every time my sister asks me to share the cost
do something. You should resolve to be a volunteer as a of an expensive present for our parents she selects it and I
consultant for an agency that treats patients who have no have to go get it and pay for it. She never pays me her part of
self-esteem. Everyone could benefit from your excellence. the gift. What can I do?

Dear Bettye: My friend always asks me to do things like run      You have two avenues of escape. One: Tell her you will
errands or help with a household chore. Yet when I need help     give your gift and she can give hers. Two: Before you buy
she is always busy. How do I deal with it?                       the gift ask her for her part of the cost. If she doesn’t then
                                                                 buy your own gift.
You must face the fact that she is not a friend. The next
time she calls for help simply tell her you are terribly,        Dear Bettye: Which end should a person start to serve them-
terribly busy and be busy every time she calls.                  selves at a buffet dinner? People start at the wrong end and
                                                                 some just start in the middle.
Dear Bettye: How can I let people know I am assuming my
maiden name after my divorce? I am constantly correcting         It’s wise to start where the plates are and continue serving
people and telling them I do not and never shall again use his   yourself in the direction the food items are placed. Be
name.                                                            prepared for some people to start anywhere they want
                                                                 even on the other side of the buffet table.
I am so pleased to have a question from Alabama. I have
never seen a divorce announcement card, but a note is            Dear Bettye: What is correct, RSVP in capital letters or Rsvp
ideal for news such as yours. Simply write, “Subsequent          with only the R capitalized see it both ways.
to my divorce I no longer use the surname of Black and
have resumed the use of White, my maiden name.”                  Only the R should be a capital because the letters stand
                                                                 for a phrase and only the first word of a phrase has a capi-
Dear Bettye: There is a man at my office I like, and he is very  tal.
friendly but he never asks me out. Would it be appropriate for
me to ask him?

Ask him to a party you are planning. He might ask if he
can bring his girlfriend and then you will know the answer Continued on page 9
to your question is no. If he accepts with pleasure then
hopefully you won’t have to ask him anything else.

Dear Bettye: I am retiring in June and I want to stop            Send your comments and
exchanging birthday and anniversary presents to people I only            questions to:

exchange presents with because they were good            
customers. How can I let them know about it?

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