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The New Year starts with the 3rd Annual Rapides Parish “Wild Card - Ask a Librarian for a recommendation!”

Library with the 2017 Adult Reading BINGO Challenge! If Take a chance and break out of your reading niche and ask
one of your New Year's resolutions is to read more, the your librarian for a title to read. There are several “Wild

Adult Reading BINGO Challenge is the perfect way to read Card” squares on the card this year! You might find a favor-
all those books you said you would with someone helping ite new author or a new favorite genre!

you keep score and you could win a great prize!            Check out an illustrated or graphic novel. Here’s a type

Come in to your neighborhood library, pick up your BINGO of book many of us haven’t experienced unless you are
card from the circulation desk and begin reading as many under the age of 18. In some cases you may have to go to
print books, eBooks, or listening to audio books as possible that section in the library; close your eyes and pick one – or
between January 2 and February 29.
                                                           you might; just might, discover something interesting!

With this reading challenge, you're not just trying to fulfill Newberry Award from the Teen Section. Parents and

the goal of "reading more”. Instead, to get you out of your grandparents will have to take a deep breath and enter the
reading rut, your goal is three-fold: 1) you're trying to check Teen and Tween area for this selection. We think you’ll be

things off a list while reading outside your comfort zone; 2) pleasantly surprised by what you’ll find there. These
you’re trying to win a BINGO before your other competitors award-winning books are well-written and offer tremendous

and; 3) you are registering for a chance to win a great    inspirational messages to the reader such as: Sounder by
                                                           William H. Armstrong (1970); Bridge to Terabitha by
                                                                   Katherine Paterson (1978), and The Graveyard by Neil
The BINGO Card has some interesting reading suggestions Gaiman (2009).
to help you get to know the library and the resources avail-

able. For example:                                         The Rules of Play. There are just a few rules, but primarily

                                                           we want you to have fun reading! So come into the library
                                                           beginning January 2, 2017, pick up a BINGO card and start
“Explore OVERDRIVE. Check out an e-book! Ask your          reading! There are three options of play:
Librarian how!” Time to learn how to use that new tablet,
Kindleâ„¢, or smartphone you got for Christmas! Many of the A) Traditional BINGO - Read the book suggestion that is
popular titles in print are also available as an e-book. While listed under each letter in a diagonal, vertical, or horizontal
you may still enjoy the feel of holding a book in your hands, line.
you’ll experience a whole new way of accessing your

neighborhood library.                                      Continued on page 12

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