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Dear Bettye: What does a Dear Bettye: I don’t always feel free to be myself when I’m
                      person do when visiting with the man I am dating. We are in our 60s. I am friendly with

                      someone and the only towel people and he isn’t. What can I do?
                      in the bathroom is a dainty
                      guest towel much too pretty First face the fact that men cannot be changed. Then be
                      to be used?                        yourself whether he likes it or not.

                      Since you are a guest and Dear Bettye: When I am using the copying machine someone
                      the towel is for guests – always asks if they can just run one or two copies. It is difficult
                      use it.                            to stop the machine and then begin again. What should I say?

Dear Bettye: Recently a guest at a party we gave asked to Say no. The etiquette of lines at a copy machine does not
see my house and before I could say anything a friend said require someone with a lot of copying to yield to someone
she would show her around. I was aggravated but my       with a small amount.

husband says I am wrong. What do you think?              Dear Bettye: I have made everyone mad at me in our club

Everyone is wrong but you. The guest was rude to ask to because I asked them to call before they visit. They say no
see rooms not open for the party; your friend was wrong one else has to be called. Am I wrong?
to show rooms you preferred not be seen and your
husband for not realizing how stressful giving a party is No. It is unfortunate that your friends consider your

much less having a guest wandering in private rooms. request a lack of hospitality. I have always felt it was rude
                                                         not to call before a visit. I hate it when people don’t, even

Dear Bettye: We were recently invited for dinner and my  when I like them and want to see them. I don’t always
husband arrived home starving and wanted to call to see if we want to have company.

could come over at 5pm instead of 6pm. I said no. Was I  Dear Bettye: My coworkers and I wonder if “ma’am” is the

                                                         correct thing to say to a woman. Does age make a difference
Of course you were. You were invited for dinner at 6pm or whether she is married or not?
whether the guests are starving at 5pm or not. He could
have had a small snack to prevent passing out from       Yes, no and no. It is the required thing to say to Queen

starvation.                                              Elizabeth so it must the right thing to say to anyone else.

Dear Bettye: My husband and I love to dance but when we go Dear Bettye: A man I am dating lied about his successes in
out every unescorted woman there we know expects him to college, in his job and other things. What should I do?

dance with them. What do we do?                          Men will embellish the truth a bit to impress a lady, lying

If you go out with your husband he should dance with you consistently is something else. Cut the strings on this
and not feel responsible for every lady there who wants to Pinocchio.

kick up her heels.

                                                         Dear Bettye: I play cards with a group of women and one of

Dear Bettye: I want to write to my Senator and I’m not certain them hums all the time. What can we do?
how to address him.
                                                         Ask her to stop humming.
It is Senator Blank when you meet him. Dear Senator

Blank in a letter. His address on the letter and on the  Continued on page 7
envelope should have his full name preceded by The

Honorable. If you are thinking of what people call him

behind his back then forget about writing the letter.

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