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The Outlook in 2017

                                                                                                  by Bettye DeKeyzer

                             Astrologists were                      charge of everything. You want to be and others don’t.
                                         excited months
                                         preceding the              LEO: this year you will make certain you are satisfied with all
presidential election because the signs all said Donald             aspects of your life. Your strength is in what you stand for
Trump would win despite all the obstacles and pundits               and your weakness is what you fall for. What to avoid:
declaring there was absolutely no way he could. They were           People with their own agendas. What to expect: The
thrown into a frenzy when Trump was elected because the             limelight.

heavens revealed portents about the Dawning of the Age of           VIRGO: Even though you hate to slow down and get more
Trump. They were stunned to see that Trump will not only            relaxation, the stars will put you on hold. It’s lonely at the top
change America, he will change the world.                           so you better be prepared because that’s where you are

I researched many astrologists to discover what the stars say headed. What to avoid: Sharing your opinions. What to
about each sign for 2017 and found that all have the same expect: Approval.

predictions: Here they are:                                         LIBRA: Venus, your ruling planet, takes charge of things for

ARIES: You have had setbacks trying to reach your goals,            you this year. Expect good surprises. To handle yourself use
but this is the year that everything will go your way. You          your head, to handle others use your heart. What to avoid:
must not assume everyone has the same level of honesty              Believing rumors. What to expect: Financial improvement.

that you have and choose your friends and associates                SCORPIO: Scorpions will come out of hiding this year to
carefully. What to avoid: Demands on your time. What to             unveil their interesting personality. Your knowledge will be of
expect: Good fortune.                                               great assistance to someone powerful. Expect major

TAURUS: This year people will finally stop trying to make changes in your life. What to avoid: Assuming others are as
you change your mind. This means you will have more time ethical as you are. What to expect: Opposition.
to make etched-in-stone decisions. Consider how traumatic

is it for you to change your mind and you will see why others
don’t want to change theirs either. What to avoid: Losing
your temper. What to expect: New experiences.                       Continued on page 7

GEMINI: You will finally decide what you want to do with                                     RAPIDES NEWS
your life besides be popular. It is not necessary for everyone
to like you. It isn’t that you have a split personality, only that           A publication by Rapides Council On Aging.
you are always of two minds. What to avoid: Being                              204 Chester Street, Alexandria, LA 71301.
indecisive. What to expect: Romance.
                                                                           Executive Director and Editor, Bettye DeKeyzer
CANCER: You will continue to help everyone whether they                     For advertising information call: 318-455-7985
want you to or not. Try to limit your advice to friends and         The editorial content and views expressed in the Rapides
family. They won’t resent it as much as strangers. You must            News Magazine does not constitute endorsement by
realize you do not know what is best for everyone. What to
avoid: Making rash judgments. What to expect: Being in                                Rapides Council On Aging, Inc.
                                                                        Cover Image: A Louisiana Icon: Snowy Egret with

                                                                                              plumage on display!

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