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Dear Bettye: Last week a Dear Bettye: I am extremely attracted to a man I supervise at
                            friend was telling us about a my office. Can I ask him out? He have given every indication

                            cruise she took and I                  he’s interested in me but seems to be waiting for a signal from

                            mentioned a wonderful trip me.
                            we took to the same place
                            several years ago. She said,           I never heard of a worse idea. Your company probably
                            “Do you always have to                 has a policy against employees dating and even if they
                            belittle everything?” Why              don’t I do. What if he says no? What happens if you date
                                                                   and then break up? I realize it is difficult to meet eligible
                            can they brag and I can’t?
                                                                   men, but don’t answer his signals.
                                     Nothing is more
aggravating than to have someone interrupt your                    Dear Bettye: Every time a husband of a friend tells an
bragging with their bragging. Let everyone have a                  off-color joke or makes a rude remark and someone says,
                                                                   “You should not talk that way before ladies.” And he says, “I
moment in the spotlight. You can always brag later.                don’t see any ladies.” And laughs. I always think of you and

Dear Bettye: I have dated a man for a year and he has asked what you would say.
me to marry him, but he has never said he loves me.  How can
I know if he does or not?                                          I would say, “I am not surprised you don’t see ladies, it
                                                                   takes a gentleman to know one.”
Why do people make everything so complicated?
I assume if he asked you to marry him he loves you. If             Dear Bettye: I think my nephew is gay and I want to let him
saying the words are hard for him tell him a simple nod            know I am available if he needs to talk with someone. My
                                                                   brother, his father, is never understanding about anything and
for yes or no will suffice.                                        could cause major problems in this situation. Should I talk to

Dear Bettye: My mother has smoked all her life and now that my nephew? To my brother?
she is 92 we tell her all the ways smoking ill endanger her life.
What can we do?                                                    No and no.

Since your mother is in excellent health after smoking for Dear Bettye: We draw names for a secret pal and give small
                                                                   gifts on special days the next year. Everyone dreads having
74 years I think I’d stop talking about smoking.
                                                                   one member get their name because all she does is give a
Dear Bettye: I don’t know why but for months I have been note saying a donation has been to a charity in their name.

hearing my neighbor’s conversations on her cordless                How can we get her to give gifts?

telephone on my radio. Should I tell her or call some agency? Just tell her she can donate all the wants to but she MUST

You should have told her immediately. She can notify her give small gifts as others do or be eliminated from the

telephone service. They know what to do.                           drawing.

Dear Bettye: My best friend and I had an argument over the Dear Bettye: I met as wonderful man and for my birthday he

presidential election and in anger she repeated things I said gave me a beautiful book on flowers. His birthday will be next
about other people in confidence. She has apologized but I do month and I want to give him a huge surprise party with all his

not trust her. Am I wrong?                                         family and friends. What do you think?

No. Whether you had an argument about politics or                  I think you will scare him to death. Give him a book.
anything else, a friend would not repeat a confidence                                Send your comments and
shared months ago. If she ever was a best friend, she                                         questions to:
certainly is no friend at all now.

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