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By Dr. Patsy Barber

It’s a familiar writing: ...One night God and I walked on the
beach. Scenes of my life flashed before me like
lightening in the sky. Sometimes a flash revealed two
sets of footprints, sometimes one. This troubled me
because it was when I was most lonely or hurt most
deeply that I saw one set of footprints.

So I said, “Lord, you promised me you would always
walk with me, but during my most trying hours I saw
only one set of footprints.”

The Lord replied, “My child, when you saw only one set
of footprints I took you in my arms and carried
you.” (c1936)

Sculptor Bob Harness was so impressed with the message Donor’s names are embedded in the wall. The raised

that he wanted to create the image. He did and he and the platform in front of the statue is wired for a keyboard or
memorial are both in Carthage, Texas. We hadn’t heard any- microphone. Harness remarked, “This is something we didn’t
thing about Carthage since the movie “Bernie” and more re- plan on. You stand here in front of the stage and hear an

cent unfortunate consequence of the “adopted” young man echo. Sounds bounce off the walls. One of the blessings we

being returned to prison. The above message must have got out of the design.”

resounded in his mind multiple times.                          We discovered this before reading any published material.

Living in central and south Louisiana, my niece and I had not How many speakers/teachers would like to have their

heard of this Memorial until we took her lifelong friend in    message resound to the listener?
Bossier to dinner during Thanksgiving. She had taken a

group from her church to see the sculptor and the park. We Harness described the second interesting feature, which is

did so Christmas Day while visiting a cousin in Paxton,        hidden inside the statue: “Inside is a heart, in that heart is a

Texas.                                                         Holy Bible and the engraving “Whoever finds this heart will
                                                               find the Holy Bible and the history of the Christian Church.”

A reverent feeling overcame us as we entered what Harness, Further improvements are taking pace at this stellar site and

Willie George and many others financed. From good              a gigantic Centurion Campaign is in progress with nine levels

parking, we followed a walkway with footprints leading up to of suggested giving, the “Fruits of the Sprit.”
the sculpture of Jesus carrying an old man. The 14 ½ foot

bronze Jesus is the focus of all efforts. Situated on the busy Citizens of the United States are the greatest volunteers in

beltway south of Carthage, it occupies over an acre donated the world. In Carthage it is no different: Teresa Dennard is

by Walter Cooke. A spacious pavilion spreads out in front of President of the Footprints In The Sand Foundation; Brenda
the statue forming a circle enclosed with a four foot brick wall Giles is Vice-President working with a covey of volunteers.

and 32 sturdy benches.                                         To learn more:

                                                               To visit : Highway 149 intersecting with Dixie Lake Road,
                                                               Carthage, Texas. Call: 903-692-3376.

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