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Straight Through the Heart!

                                                                                      by Bettye DeKeyzer

Valentine’s Day!                                                             For A Clerk
                                                                             I don’t care if you hate your work
A day to give beautiful, lacy Valentines, bouquets of flowers                All I want is a courteous clerk
delivered with heart-felt words on small white cards and                     Your salary is paid with my money
candy in heart-shaped boxes. I looked for beautiful                          And another thing, don’t call me honey.
Valentines and they were all insipid and silly. They aren’t
beautiful any more, just pink.                                                                     For a Customer
                                                                                  I hate to see you open the door
I found valentines for everyone under the sun. Friends,                          You insult everyone in the store
lovers, parents and other relatives. Card manufacturers                 Everything you wear makes you look fat
have printed a card for every person we are supposed to                        All of us would like to tell you that.
love. I began to wonder why no one ever produces
Valentines for people we do not love. Oh, all right, people                  For A Mean Boss
we do not like.                                                              All you do is shout and yell
                                                                             We’re not servants, we’re personnel
I realize that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a sweet and                 We work like dogs until we’re dead
romantic day. I not only approve of it — I encourage it. But                 Without our help you’d be in the red
Valentine’s Day offers a perfect opportunity to send all kinds
and sorts of messages to those with whom we would like to                                           For employees
share our feelings and thoughts. Anonymously, of course.                              All you do is talk and moan
I consider such Valentines constructive and a release valve                      To each other and on the phone
for all those pent up resentments. It’s a healthy thing to do.            You get bonuses, benefits and breaks
Far better, and less expensive, than anger management.                   What do I get? Nothing but headaches.
As a public service and as a therapeutic approach to
lowering stress, I have written these Valentines. In the                                  RAPIDES NEWS
interest of fair and objective reporting, I composed Valentines           A publication by Rapides Council On Aging.
for both sides:
                                                                            204 Chester Street, Alexandria, LA 71301.
              For A Mother-in-Law                                       Executive Director and Editor, Bettye DeKeyzer
              Your criticism and dumb advice                             For advertising information call: 318-455-7985
              I’ve heard it all more than twice                  The editorial content and views expressed in the Rapides
              I’ll say it in words that are concise                 News Magazine does not constitute endorsement by
              Without you; life would be paradise.
                                                                                   Rapides Council On Aging, Inc.
                           For A Daughter-in-Law                               Cover Image: Happy Valentine’s Day!
             I wish he had married darling Gwen
      Why don’t you clean things now and then?

                But I want to make it crystal clear
              I have never been one to interfere.

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