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What is is a leading online learning platform that helps
anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills
to achieve personal and professional goals.

Originally offered to individuals, corporations, academic and
government agencies via a subscription service, members could
access the video library of engaging, top-quality
courses taught by recognized industry experts.


Coming in January 2018 the Rapides Parish Library introduces          Technology Courses—Information Technology, IT
customers to Lynda Library! With this new subscription service         Infrastructure, Information Management, Software
the Rapides Parish Library offers to patrons and staff access to       Development, Game Design and Development;
the hard and soft skills they need to be more productive in their
careers and advance job search and digital literacy initiatives in     Creative Courses— Graphic Design, Photography, 3D
the community.                                                         Animation, Video, Audio and Music applications to create
                                                                       your own music videos, animations, and movies.
Now with a library card and access to the Internet, customers
visiting their neighborhood library will have access to thousands
of up-to-date and cost-effective business, creative and             

technology skills training videos designed for desktop and mobile
learning. Below are just a few of the video tutorials available:

 Business Courses—Management, Leadership Training,                 For more information on Lynda Library contact your
    Finance and Accounting, Digital Literacy and more;              neighborhood library or register for demos and other instructional
                                                                    classes on how to access and use the resources of,
                                                                    coming in January 2018!

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