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Holiday Survival Handbook

                                                                                           by Bettye DeKeyzer

Christmas is important for many reasons, among them an                day to decorate and then stop. Once you accept that you don’t
opportunity for people are otherwise mean and hateful to adjust have to decorate every available surface the holidays take on a

their behavior pattern and adopt a jovial persona for about two       whole new and enjoyable aspect.
                                                                      Relatives: People are grumpy because they don’t get enough
There are things one must do whether one likes it or not. Most of sleep and too much food. Some are grumpy because their face
do not, but we all comply anyway. People you cordially dislike must hurts from keeping a smile plastered on it. There is nothing worse
be greeted with “Merry Christmas” even if you know Santa no           in life than to have to be pleasant for longer than two hours within

longer has their name on his list. You must repeat this greeting the confines of a house. Especially when the weather is too cold to
every day for two weeks before Christmas to all you meet who don’t at least go out on the porch.
mean it either.
                                                                      Finally when you are on the brink of total collapse, remember that
By Christmas Eve I have heard White Christmas 1,000 times,            Christmas Day, that glorious Time Of Too Much, is when we can

listened to 5,000 bells tinkle and tried unsuccessfully to find       relive our childhood again. The moment we walk into a room with a
something else to watch on television except the Walton family tree we can close our eyes and we are 10 years old again standing
celebrating Christmas in poverty. I begin to sympathize with          with everyone in the hall gathered around the tree. The lights are
Scrooge and long to say “Bah! Humbug!”                                turned out and someone turns the tree lights on and it is the most
                                                                      beautiful sight in the world.
There are many circumstances that try the patience of the cheeriest

and merriest of souls during the Christmas season. So, as a public The delightful aroma of holiday cookies and cakes from a kitchen
service, I present:                                                   flow through the house and take us back to Christmas Past.
                                                                      Memories about Christmas Past are golden. People were nicer, the
                                                                      weather was chilly but not miserable, family gatherings were
                                                                      pleasant, conversation at family dinners was interesting and

Shopping: Plan your shopping expedition carefully and with as amusing, and there was no television.
much special attention to survival as you would a safari into the
deepest and darkest jungle. You would probably be safer in the
jungle than in the middle of a crazed crowd Christmas week. Lower Continued on page 7
your expectations before you enter stores. That precaution will

prevent your brain from imploding. You will not become enraged
when you encounter rude clerks and frantic managers who don’t
know what merchandise they have or where it is if they do. The
very best advice is to start shopping in July if possible. Order
things from catalogs. Give everyone the same thing. Someone I                         RAPIDES NEWS
know gave all her relatives bread makers last year. She loved it      A publication by Rapides Council On Aging.

                                                                       204 Chester Street, Alexandria, LA 71301.
                                                                             Executive Director and Editor, Bettye DeKeyzer
and so did they. So far she has given rice cookers, woks, grills and          For advertising information call: 318-455-7985
she has decided to give crock pots this year.                         The editorial content and views expressed in the Rapides

Decorating: It is of the greatest importance that you stick to the    News Magazine does not constitute endorsement by
                                                                      Rapides Council On Aging, Inc.

traditional colors and styles for Christmas. The puce and spruce      Front /Back Cover Images: Christmas Trees designed by
colors may be admired in more cosmopolitan settings, but believe                                     Keith LaCour
me, all they do here is give everyone a headache. Schedule one

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