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I think a lovely piece of silver is nice even for people
               Dear Bettye: Every time you hate.
               we have a holiday party a

               relative always shows up
               drunk and ruins everything. Dear Bettye: I am uncomfortable at our Christmas party
                                                             because the bosses mingle with everyone and try to act
               What can we do?

               Tell him he has spoiled a                     It’s never wise to presume a degree of friendliness with
               holiday as well as
                                                             a boss at a Christmas party that doesn’t exist
               making an idiot of
himself for the last time. Also tell him he is not           otherwise. The best way to handle office parties is not
welcome unless he can attend the festivities sober. to go if possible and leave early if you have to attend.
But – tell him all this when he is sober.
                                                             Dear Bettye: What do I say when a man kisses my hand?

Dear Bettye: For the past ten years I have selected a gift It doesn’t happen often, but I always feel foolish.

for my husband to give to his secretary. She thanks him but
never called me or sent a note to me. I think she is impolite. A lady never thanks a gentleman for a romantic gesture
                                                             - all you need to do is smile.
Am I wrong?

Yes. The gift was from your husband so she thanked Dear Bettye: I am a senior citizen and everyone says
the right person. Your husband is the one who should these are my golden years. I don’t think so. How does one
                                                             wake up with a song in their heart?
thank you.

Dear Bettye: Every office party we have a man in our office Every day you wake up is a gift from God. You are
rushes to the buffet table and piles his plate with food. If he expected to provide the song.

likes something he takes so much some people don’t get       Dear Bettye: A friend always says that I look bad, tired or a
any at all. What can we do about this?                       dress is not a good style for me. She takes all the joy out

Tell him ladies go first, as they should have been doing of a holiday affair with her harsh criticism. What should I
anyway. Let the men in the office make certain he is say?
last in line.
                                                             First, she is not a friend. You probably look too good

Dear Bettye: How can I invite my sister and her husband      and she can’t stand it. Tell her, “No, I do not look bad
for Christmas but not their dog? Family harmony depends      or tired and my dress has been admired by many
on your answer.                                              people who are knowledgeable about fashion so stop
                                                             making your nasty remarks. People say you are
Say, “Our home is not prepared for pets and I think it       jealous of me and everyone else so stop making a fool
would be unfair to keep Fang outside all day.” This          of yourself.”
makes it clear you are concerned for Fang’s comfort,
but also Fang will not be allowed inside your house.         Continued on page 8

Dear Bettye: Which family members have to get a                      Send your comments and
Christmas gift?                                                              questions to:

It is customary to give a gift to those you really love      
and those who have promised you an inheritance.

Dear Bettye: What can I give to my father and his second
wife whom I hate?

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