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Continued from page 1               Birthstones date back to medieval days. In those bygone days
                                                 people believed gemstones had healing powers. In the today’s
     Council Board Members Susie Minton,         world they are valued for their beauty and many for their value, but
           Jamie Floyd and Joan Lee              all have an interesting history.

        Join Bobby Hynson to ask Santa           January - Garnet. Early physicians thought wearing a garnet would
        To pile presents under your tree.        cleanse the blood and thought they insured safe travel and friend-
 Tina Pennington and Nicki Scales know Santa
     Has your name on gifts bright and new       February – Amethyst. Wearing an amethyst gives courage and
        So Patsy Barber sent him a map           prevents insomnia and can increase intelligence.
         To help him find the way to you
                                                 March – Aquamarine. If you wear an aquamarine you will recover
    Faye Simpson wanted to speak to Santa        from an illness quickly. Sailors wore carved aquamarines with the
Joseph Franklin said a cell phone was the way    image of Neptune, god of the sea, for protection.
 So they reminded him that you’ve been good
                                                 April – Diamond. You will be protected from negative energies while
    And to bring all you wish for in his sleigh  wearing a diamond. The first diamond engagement ring was given
                                                 In 1477 by Archduke Maximilian to his beloved.
       Connie Stemmann wrote to Santa
    Robbyn Cooper added a few words too          May – Emerald. Your memory will be stronger if you wear an
 They asked him to pack happiness and peace      emerald. They were the favorite jewels of Cleopatra and
Good health and of course, great wealth to you   Catherine the Great.

           Each year we try to simplify          June – Pearl. Associated with purity, honesty and calmness they
           And hope we’re a little wiser         were ground and mixed with lemon juice into a paste and given to
      Christmas is hectic and wears us out       cure illness in the 1500s.
      But we love it says Bettye DeKeyzer
                                                 July – Ruby. If you own a ruby you will live in harmony with all peo-
    “I count among my blessings,” she says       ple and be protected from danger. If given a ruby you will receive
         All the people I mentioned here         good fortune.

     To them and to you my faithful readers      August – Peridot. Believed to cure depression it is the only stone
                                                 found on earth and also in a meteorite that fell to earth in 1700. It
    MERRY CHRISTMAS                              contained large pieces of the stone that was used to make jewelry.
                                                 September – Sapphire. Sapphires were thought to ease pain and
                                                 reduce stress. It was believed in the 17th century that wearing a
                                                 sapphire enabled the wearer to foresee the future.

                                                 October – Opal. Opals control temper and calm nerves. Australian
                                                 aboriginals believed opals were the Creator’s footprints on Earth.

                                                 November – Topaz. Topaz will balance emotions. In the Middle
                                                 Ages drinking topaz ground into a powder and mixed with wine
                                                 meant a good night’s sleep.

                                                 December – Turquoise. In ancient times, turquoise stones were
                                                 attached to horses bridles to enable the drivers to have full
                                                 control over the horses. It is said to wear the stone means

                                                 More information on stones can found in The Old Farmer’s

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