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By Dr. Patsy Barber

James C. Foote of Cheneyville went down below deck on the cast aside. The Army was down to about 135,000, the same
USS Tennessee on December 7, 1941 and shouted to the size being planned today yet the population in the world has

Boatsmain’s Mate that Pearl Harbor was being attacked. increased by five million! Weapons, if available were
Foote survived and came home, married and had two sons. obsolete and stored since the Spanish-American War or from

“We were in Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked. We         the European trenches.

saw the Japs coming. About that time a bomb hit the ship. A serious problem developed with the Navy’s Mark 14
They were flying over, and I knew what we were in for. The torpedoes. They were the weapons of PT boats such as the

whole fleet was in there, all tied up together. I had never one commanded by the late President John Kennedy.
seen them all in there at one time. We had eight aircraft       Destroyers serving as protectors of battleships and

carriers then. We were right next to the USS Arizona and I submarines prowling the Pacific that were highly modified to
walked across their deck. Their magazine exploded when a detonate under and around enemy vessels and they were

bomb dropped on it. This is now the memorial                    duds. Every time one was fired $10,000 was lost until 1943
commemorating the event and losses.                             when the problem was corrected.

We had battle practice every day. Every man on every ship Rolling stock was archaic or nonexistent, as the Louisiana

has a battle station. When they sound ‘General Quarters’ Maneuvers of 1941 proved. The new development was the
you better go to your battle station. If you aren’t there, you infant Air Corps and had difficulty being recognized for its

are in trouble. Destroyers can get underway, but it took over importance against the entrenched branches of service.
an hour to get up steam in a battleship to get out of Pearl There was the Navy with a few new ships having been added

Harbor.                                                         and there was the Army. Even the strong Marine Corps was
                                                                almost decimated before being put under the command of

The United States was far from being ready to engage n a a the Navy. Where would a large Air Corps fit in? No place
war. Since WWI, the ‘War To End All Wars’, Americans had accounting to some rigid decisions. Then a build-up of

a definite mind-set so that anything military was downsized or                                   Continued on page 9

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