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Deck the halls and stairs with holly,   A Christmas Message to Our Readership!
                         It’s time to decorate!                                  by Bettye DeKeyzer

                   Hang wreaths on all the doors,                Latonya and Alice plan Christmas dinner
                   And a big red bow on the gate.                     Trim the tree and hide the toys
                  That’s the signal to Council staff,
                 To orchestrate Christmas festivity                  Presents to buy, wrap and deliver
                   Shopping, wrapping, cooking,                       All to please little girls and boys
                   and all the exhausting activity.
                Lisa and Barbara made lots of lists,                Keith and Larry’s lists for presents
                                                                       All well-planned and complete
                       Then tossed then away
                 All the store shelves were empty,              They discovered it takes a wise magician
               Thank heaven for Amazon and eBay!                 To make the outgo and the income meet
          Linda and Sandra do the Christmas shopping,
                 For all the members of their family            Russell and Charles had wreaths to hang
                   After all 100 gifts are wrapped,                  And to set up the Christmas tree
                 Christmas for them is fait accompli                  When tree lights are turned on
           Donna and Lois have searched the catalogs,                We all become children suddenly
             And shops on every street and boulevard
                 They wonder what would happen,                  James and Jerrell help with decorations
              If they gave everyone a Christmas card                  Soon everyone begins to smile
             June and Mayme like to plan perfect gifts
                                                                    The wonderful feeling of Christmas
                     For all their relatives A to Z              Makes all the work involved worth while
                 They say after weeks of shopping
               “The only thing that’s finished is me”.                Christmas means a happy time
                                                                 For both Henry James and Henry Brown
Page 1| Rapides News                                              A tree with presents and smiling faces
                                                                Relatives young and old gathered around

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