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Dear Bettye: What can I do Dear Bettye: My brother-in-law is a rat. He is seeing another

                                    about a wonderful friend who woman the latest of many over the past ten years. Everyone knows

                                    calls and likes to talk on the it. Yet my sister gushes about how wonderful he is and it is

                                    telephone an hour and if I say beginning to grate on my nerves. Should I tell her before someone

                                    someone is at the door she else tells her and she is horribly embarrassed?

                                    says she will hold on.              No.

                                    Scratch on the telephone

                                    receiver and say, “There is Dear Bettye: I am very upset. Many years ago Mother promised me
                                    terrible static on the line. It a table and now my brother says she promised it to him. What can I
                                    could be dangerous to talk. do?
I’ll call you later.” But don’t.

                                                                        Remind your mother she promised the table to you first. She

Dear Bettye: Since my son got married I never spend any time with might have forgotten since she promised so long ago. You can
him. On Mother’s Day he invited me for lunch and brought his wife also remind everyone including your brother, that when the
                                                                        time comes you intend to get the table. Be prepared for a con-
and her mother. Is there a way to discuss this without causing
                                                                        frontation. Is a table worth all the trouble? I regret to say it
                                                                        would be for me – not for the table, but because of your broth-

I can’t understand why people think a problem can be resolved er’s lack of integrity.
if no one talks about it. Simply tell him you would like to see

more of him and invite him for lunch during the week when it Dear Bettye: I divorced my husband after 43 years of marriage and
won’t interfere with any plans he has with his wife.
                                                                        retained my married name because of my children. My husband’s

                                                                        fiancée called me to ask that I not continue to use my married name

Dear Bettye: What can I do about a neighbor, a widower, who             since it will be confusing to have two Mrs. Joe Doe’s in the

drops by as soon as I get home almost every day. He never calls on community. What do you think?

other women in the neighborhood who think he is wonderful. He is
polite and brings books and flowers, but I am not interested in him. I think she is unspeakably rude to call you about anything.
                                                                        Legally, you and all his subsequent wives will have the same
What can I say without being rude?
                                                                        name until they marry someone else. If you desire to change

Tell him his visits must end because the neighbors are talking your name back to your maiden name have your lawyer send a

about him calling on you so frequently and you don’t want him letter to your former husband stating you are willing to change

or you to be the target of gossip. Well, you know they’re               your name if he pays all attorney fees and court costs before

talking about it.                                                       the petition is filed.

Dear Bettye: I spend many hours painting to be able to offer a wide Dear Bettye: My cousin sends emails to many people including me

range of art at large shows where I have a booth to sell my artwork. that are vulgar. How can I get him to stop?

I like friends to visit, but not when I am working. The sales at shows
are a major source of my income. I know you paint and wonder how You can’t make him stop, but you can tell him to stop sending
                                                                        them to you. There are also blocks that can be used on your
you handle the problem.

It has never been a problem for me because all my friends and           email address to prevent any email from him being accepted.

family know I do not like anyone to visit without calling first – Dear Bettye: Do you ever get questions you can’t answer?
whether I am painting or not. You must make it clear that your

painting is not a hobby and certain hours are devoted to your Never. But I do get many I can’t print.

artwork. Do not answer the telephone and return calls when

you are free. Print two large signs that state “DO NOT DIS-             Continued on page 7

TURB” and hang them on your front and back doors.

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                                                                                     questions to:


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