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I See Your True Colors Shining Through!

                                                                                           by Bettye DeKeyzer

If anyone asks you what your favorite color is –don’t tell them. As a public service, here is what your favorite color says about

While you think this information has absolutely no significance, you.

recent studies by psychologists indicate otherwise. Even the color

of your car and house are a dead giveaway to exactly what kind of Red: An aggressive, energetic and impulsive person. Has deep

a person you really are.                                                 feelings, but lacks patience.

One study revealed that color plays an important role in our lives – Blue: An aloof, steadfast and a bit intolerant person. Forms friend-

in the things we buy, and even the food we eat. What else could ships slowly, hates disloyalty. (Blue is one of my favorites and I

account for the fact that there’s no blue food?                          must confess all the character traits are uncomfortably correct.)

Houses painted a pastel color are inhabited by romantic people           Green: A calm, cool and quiet person who avoids embarrassing
and those who live in white houses with dark trim are traditional-       situations. Prefers to be peaceful and without stress. Who

ists. Owners of houses painted a dark color are often aloof and          doesn’t? I do like some shades of green, does that means I am
hate friends dropping in unannounced.                                    calm, cool and quiet only when I want to be?

Even the language we speak regardless of our national origin is Lavender: The choice of a sentimental, highly civilized, refined,

wonderfully colorful. Not merely in the syntax but the actual use of neat person who is an expert in social graces. Hates rudeness

color.                                                                   and vulgarity. Really, this is getting embarrassing. I love lavender.

                                                                         What can I say?

Red is used to denote the extreme of anything: red hot news, red

tape, in the red, paint the town red and see red. Think about blue: Orange: Usually the life of the party. Is socially adept, and has a

true blue, deep blue sea, blue laws, once in a blue moon, out of good disposition. Not a heavy thinker and dislikes to be alone. (I

the blue, have the blues, sing the blues, blue blood, blue Monday, have never seen anyone wearing orange except as small touches

blue pencil, blue ribbon and a blue streak.                              of the color in a fabric).

Consider green- it can mean anything from inexperienced – green Yellow: Intellectual and idealistic. Loves new data on scientific
horn, to earthy – green thumb or sadly green with envy. Yellow – matters and new ideas. Wants to help the world but only on their
have a yellow streak – be a coward. Any other color just wouldn’t own terms. (You guessed it. I like Yellow, too.)

have the same impact. I will not mention yellow journalism since it
should be punishable by public whipping.

Brown is seldom used, but some people still say do it up brown

and purple is rarely used but is very important when it is – born to Continued on page 7

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