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Dear Bettye: One of the employees in our office is getting married

                                    Dear Bettye: I live in a condo and she constantly drops hints about wedding gifts by saying cash

                                    building and wonder if it is       gifts would be great. None of us have received invitation to the

                                    proper to leave a stick- it note wedding so we don’t know exactly what to do.

                                    on someone’s door so               It is unbelievably rude to drop such hints and you have no

                                    everyone can read the
                                    message. One of the residents reason to pick any of them up. If you do not receive an
                                    writes messages on paper announcement of the wedding forget a gift.

                                    plates and even shoebox lids.

                                    What can be done about it? Dear Bettye: I arranged a blind date between two people I believed

                                                                       would be ideal for each other. They hated each other on sight and
Tell them not to do it. The practice is certainly not proper and is ended up having an argument. Now neither of them will speak to
probably dangerous to leave notes stuck on doors. At the very me for thinking they could ever be interested in what the woman
least the notes can alert robbers to the fact that people are not calls an opinionated fool and the man calls a loud mouthed idiot.
at home. It is far better to slip a note in an envelope under the What can I do now?
door – in an envelope if possible.

                                                                       Frankly, I think you have done enough. After a time they will

Dear Bettye: A friend always pushes a chair back so he can sit on realize you did not think they were so incompatible. You will be
the back two legs of any chair he is sitting in and does a balancing friends again- separately of course.

act. I don’t mind when he is in a sturdy chair, but since he is a ra-

ther large man I am afraid when he sits in a dining room chair the Dear Bettye: I have a friend who calls me very early in the morning

legs will break. What can I say?                                       even though she knows I am getting ready to go to work. How can I

I am constantly amazed by the things people do. Why would he           tell her not to call?

want to risk a fatal or even serious head and back injury to say You can tell her that while you are an early riser you are not an

nothing of demolishing your chair? You will have to say, “We early talker and have decided not to answer any morning calls.

are worried you will be hurt sitting in a chair that way. You          Tell her to call you later in the evening.

must sit in this very comfortable chair.”

                                                                       Dear Bettye: In our club we have a dispute over whether a hymn or

Dear Bettye: I was married for the second time a year ago and          the national anthem should be sung first. I say the national anthem.

have about the same amount of money as my husband. Lately              Also when we have guest from another country which anthem is

when we go out he tells people I am spending all his money and I played first, our or theirs?

have more money than I know what to do with. Neither statement is
true. I have told him to stop saying things like that but he continues. The American custom - as a courtesy – is to play the foreign
                                                                       anthem before The Star Spangled Banner. But religious songs
What can I do?
                                                                       are not. It is not a question of protocol, it is just that God has

Making any kind of insulting remark about a spouse is disloyal not indicated what His theme song is. People stand in public

and rude. I would immediately tell your husband to cease mak- when the national anthem is played. People in uniform salute.

ing such remarks or you will have to consider not only separate Hats must be removed.

accounts but separate houses. By, the way, I do hope you have

all your money in separate checking and savings accounts in

your own name.

Dear Bettye: We have been friends for a couple of years but for        Continued on page 10

months the husband has been patting my back and making crude
suggestions to me when his wife and my husband can’t hear him.
How can I tell him to stop?

It is ridiculously simple. Just say, “Never touch me like that                                Send your comments and
again or I will tell your wife and my husband.” You should have                                       questions to:
told him that the first time it happened. I can’t image why you
didn’t. Or maybe I can.

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