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Keep Calm and Shut Your Big Bazoo!

                                                                                                by Bettye DeKeyzer

                                                                        Mama did not discuss politics or politicians and only voted for

                                                                        those whose family she knew. She said politics was a subject not
                                                                        suitable for cultured people. I remember politicians as statesmen
                                                                        who always smiled, were perfectly dressed, kissed babies and

                                                                        were charming.

                                                                        As for entertainers Mama sad sadly they should not be viewed as
                                                                        normal because acting for months as a serial killer, bank robber or
                                                                        murderer had to have an adverse effect on them. The strange

                                                                        thing is after 35 years I understand exactly what she meant. That
                                                                        in itself is a shock.

                                                                        The major problem today is too much scandalous information is

                                                                        reported about people in whom we are not remotely interested.

                                                                        We are told far more about their lives/feelings/hates/ loves and

Everyone I know is saying the world is changing and they don’t like opinions than anyone wants to know.

it. Further, people are changing and they find that irritating.

Several people have stated no one is speaking English anymore Mama closed her eyes to things she did not want to witness,

and even on news programs they are using strange phrases like closed her ears to what she did not want to hear and closed her

“he was dissed” and “she is hot”. I researched those words and mouth when she did not want to speak. I was always reminded of

they mean the man was treated in a disrespectful manner and the the three monkeys who do not see, hear or speak evil. I always

woman was attractive.                                                   thought they were abysmally stupid and wondered why they were

                                                                        thought of as a good example. How can a person avoid evil if they

My mother, who was always right, did not approve of progress do not know how to recognize it?

because it usually meant a beautiful house was being demolished

or a business was being constructed near a residential                  I am convinced the only thing to protect one’s sanity is a world that

neighborhood. She wrote many terse letters to the Mayor stating has sadly lost the capacity to be shocked is to ignore all that is not

he obviously did not understand that the term civic improvement acceptable. I can’t believe I said that, Mama would be so pleased.

meant replacing current elected officials with new ones who were Mama would say, “Oh, surely he couldn’t have done that.” or “I find

in touch with what the citizens wanted.                                 it hard to believe she said that.” Today one never hears those

It has always been interesting to me how what is praised as             Continued on page 7

perfect one day can be obsolete the next. I decided to read my

2016 journal and discovered some interesting things about myself.                         RAPIDES NEWS
The most amazing thing 2016 taught me is that I am completely
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people talk about/and observe. Things are said and discussed that
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lengthy discussions about the strange mores and folkways of             Cover Image: Happy Easter To All Our Readers!
people who inhabit the political and entertainment worlds.

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